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A fixed gas system is one which is used for protection of set areas or product as well as for personal protection. A fixed system is monitored 24/7 and normally reports back into a “Building Management System” so that in the event of an alarm a protocol is followed to avoid any serious events. The sensors may be mounted in the hazardous areas (diffusion) or outside the area with the use of a pump system (sample-draw), both of these then take a signal back to a controller or BMS to indicate the sensor readings. In the event of a power failure we recommend a battery back up be installed with a Fixed System to ensure protection is constant during any power failures. A portable gas monitor should always be on stand by where a fixed system is installed in the event of a failed sensor.


Beacon 110

The Beacon 110 is a powerful, low cost fixed system controller for one point of gas detection.  An external reset switch allows the alarm to be silenced from outside of the controller housing.

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Beacon 200

This low cost fixed system controller is designed to accept up to two points of gas detection. It is capable of connecting directly to a variety of gas sensors. The Beacon 200 can also accept any 4-20 mA transmitter (2 or 3 wire, 24 VDC).

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Beacon 410

The Beacon 410 is a highly configurable, microprocessor-based, flexible and easy to use 4 channel gas monitor. It simultaneously displays the gas type, readings, and status for 4 channels of gas detection.  A digital Modbus interface for remote logging of data via a Modbus network comes standard.

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Beacon 800

The Beacon 800 is a versatile, low cost fixed system controller for one to eight points of gas detection.  The 2 large digital displays have backlighting and easily identify both the gas type and the gas concentration for all 8 channels simultaneously. The Beacon 800 is housed in a NEMA 4X rated case for a weather tight seal

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SD-805 Series

With a visual display the Model SD-805 series smart transmitter/detector heads are state of the art instruments housed in a flameproof enclosure. Calibration of the instrument is able to be carried out with a simple magnetic control key by placing it over clear marked positions on the surface plate.  It is ideal for Intrinsically Safe Applications.

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Digester Gas Monitor

Gas from waste digesters contains high levels of methane, CO2, and H2S, and little to no oxygen present. The Control Equipment Digester Gas Monitor checks for all these gases on a cyclic basis. A powerful air aspirator pulls a sample from up to 30 metres away. Since digester gas contains high humidity and high H2S, both of which can cause damage to sampling systems, the Digester Gas Monitor is designed to handle these with no damage to the sampling system or sensors. The sample is filtered through a series of dirt, dust, and moisture stopping filters, and these filters are automatically blown back and cleaned out with fresh air at the end of each cycle.
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