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Control Equipment offers a range of single and multi-gas portable gas detectors for hire on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Please contact our Service Department to discuss your requirements.


Eagle Model

The EAGLE is a powerful instrument that does more than just offer the standard confined space protection  for LEL, O2, H2S and CO.  Detection combinations never before offered in a portable gas monitor are now available featuring the industry’s widest selection of high quality, long life and field proven sensors.

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Eagle 2 Model

The Eagle 2 is the newest member of the Control Equipment family.  Equipped with features that are not available on competitive units, the EAGLE 2 is a powerful instrument that does more than just offer the standard confined space protection.  One of the new features of the EAGLE 2 is a PID sensor for detecting high or low ppm levels (0-50 & 0-2,000) of VOC gases.

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FI-21 Model

The FI-21 is a precision gas analyzer which is adapted to measure the % volume concentration of any of the commonly used gas in a mixture of air or oxygen for solvents, fumigation, gas purity and anaesthetic gas.  The FI-21 is often upgraded to include any new concentrations which may be introduced in specialist fields.  Sulfuryl Fluoride (SO2F2) for example is now included as standard in the Fumigation unit.

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GH-202F Model

This hand held instrument has a built in high sample drawing fan and high sensitivity semi-conductor gas sensor. There are 4 versions which are designed to detect and trace leaking sources of Flon, Methyl Bromide, Ammonia and Hydrocarbons.

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GX-2009 Model

The GX-2009 picks up where the GX-2001 left off. Among the many advancements are dual audible alarm ports and alarm LEDs on 3 sides of the instrument. This allows alarm conditions to be visible from multiple perspectives, especially in high noise environments. Continue reading “Four Gas Personal Monitor” »


GX-2012 Model

The GX-2012 is the newest state-of-the-art Gas Detector in the Control Equipment arsenal and our smallest personal 5 sensor gas monitor with a built-in sample pump.  Specially designed for the LNG / Pipeline industry in Australia, the GX-2012 fills the need for a monitor with the dual capabilities of two operating modes: Normal (for confined space) and Bar Hole. Continue reading “Multi Gas Detector” »

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