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A portable gas monitor is a device which is used for personal protection and may be worn on the body or held in your hand for the detection of a particular type of gas. As there are many detectable gases there are also many instruments which may be used to detect these gases. While it may be that you are familiar with a particular style of instrument we do recommend that you consult one of our team to be sure that your choice is suitable for the application. It is also important to have an understanding of which gases you may be in contact with. When we QA a unit we are able to calibrate the combustible sensor for different gases such as Butane, Methane, Hexane etc. The readings will be very different depending on the type of gas being detected.


FP-31 Model

The Portable Formaldehyde Gas Detector Model FP-31 is a precision gas analyser which measures gases in the ppm range using photoelectric photometry method with chlorimetric detection tabs.

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GH-202F Model

This hand held instrument has a built in high sample drawing fan and high sensitivity semi-conductor gas sensor. There are 4 versions which are designed to detect and trace leaking sources of Flon, Methyl Bromide, Ammonia and Hydrocarbons.

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Laser Methane Mini

The new Laser Methane mini (LMm) is capable of remotely detecting methane and other gases containing methane (natural gas or similar). It can quickly detect gas leaks or accumulated gas from a remote place by pointing a laser beam at the target, and is even able to detect a leak through glass.

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RI-85 Model

The compact portable light weight Carbon Dioxide instrument has been designed with a Infrared (NDIR) sensor for fast and reliable detection.

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SC-01 Model – Single Toxic Gas Monitor

With smart interchangable sensors the SC-01 automatically recognises any sensor change without any set up or configuration changes.  This allows the sensor’s calibration information to stay with each sensor, allowing calibration to be carried out away from the instrument.

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GX-8000 Series – Portable Single Gas Monitor

The GX-8000 Series sets the new industry standard for rugged, reliable portable gas detection. Its tough, water proof design utilises features based on years of gas detection design experience, to assure that the instrument will operate properly to protect workers and property in all kinds of harsh gas detection applications.

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SC-8000 Portable Toxic Gas Monitor

With its large LCD display the readings on the SC-8000 are visible even if the operator is wearing a Hazmat suit.  For loud environments the unit is equipped with a 95dB alarm together with three bright LED lamps, making alarm conditions both audible and visible in any situation.  The unit is also designed to be waterproof, thus making the SC-8000 extremely rugged in any setting. Continue reading “SC-8000” »

laser mini methane_clear_small

Laser Mini Methane Green

Portable and handheld the LaserMethane mini Green (LMm) offer users the ability to detect methane at distance. What once was a time consuming and resource draining procedure can now be completed in a fraction of the time by utilising the best in Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS).

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03 Series

Individuals need personal protection in hazardous areas at all times without adding extra bulky equipment, and the 03 Series can provide that kind of protection at an affordable price. Continue reading “03 Series” »


SP-220 Fumigation Series

The SP-220 Fumigation Series is a Portable Gas Leak Checker designed to easily check for Fumigation Gas Leaks. With 12 hours operation on 2 AA size Alkaline batteries and weighing in at only 215 grams this instrument is ideal for Fumigation.

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The Control Equipment Gas Indicator Model FI‐8000 is a precision gas analyser which is adapted to measure the % volume concentration of any of the commonly used gas in a mixture of air or oxygen for fumigation or anesthetic gas.
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SP-220 SC Series

The SP-220 SC Series is a Portable Gas Leak Checker designed to easily check for Super Toxic, Combustible and Freon Gas leaks. With 12 hours operation on 2 AA size Alkaline batteries and weighing in at only 215 grams this instrument is ideal for Super Toxic, Combustible and Freon Gas Leaks.

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Portable single gas detector for combustibles with attractive features including: direct reading of 25 target gases, datalogging, pump boost, ingress proof rating IP67, Intrinsically safe with ATEX approval for Hazardous Areas. Ideal for checking gas leaks or monitoring the presence of gas in hazardous areas typically found in oil refineries and petrochemical plants.

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